Specialized Topicals

It’s in our name.

We make stuff for topical use. Our goal is for you to keep coming back for more of our expertise in formulating and packaging specialized solutions.

We take pride in our work, and we treat your product like it’s our own, guaranteeing a consumer experience that keeps your customers engaged and excited about your products.

who we are

Located in Southern California. We believe that specialized topicals demands a specialized set of solutions.

our approach

Nimbleness in adapting to innovative industry practices. Quality assurance with unparalleled attention to detail. Highest quality suppliers as it relates to packaging and chemicals.

With an awareness of how industry impacts to our fragile planet, Specialized Topicals prioritizes manufacturing and private label packaging processes that are as eco-friendly as possible.

From initial research, to production, packaging, training, and distribution, Specialized Topicals see’s a future where your product leaves a lasting impact.

Our pledge to you is quality products and superior service. We will strive to understand your requirements and to satisfy your expectations 100% of the time

our priorities

Safety, Quality, Productivity.

In that order, at all times, without exception

what’s happening

As topical packaging experts with a long history in the industry, we offer comprehensive solutions including managing procurement, producing and manufacturing products, providing reliable quality assurance, and assisting in the distribution process. Our LA-based facility operates on efficiency, provides flexibility, and reduces turn-around times. We continue our commitment to excellence in everything we do from building strong client relationships to creating quality topical packaging solutions.

Our commitment to building long term relationships is sustained by our range of contract manufacturing services. Our contract services and capabilities support our clients through every phase of production and manufacturing.

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