contract manufacturing

In today’s competitive market, it is important that you partner with a packaging service provider that will cultivate strong brand recognition for your products. Specialized Topicals modern facility boasts manufacturing of liquid products. With packaging capabilities ranging from bulk to retail size and flexible batch sizes, we can manage all of your manufacturing and packaging needs. A full-service in-house Quality Assurance department staffed with a team of professional chemists ensures all products meet strict quality control parameters.

private label

We understand that packaging is just as important as the product itself, and that is why we make every effort to offer our customers innovative contract packaging services and forward-looking designs that instill a sense of confidence and familiarity among customers worldwide. We employ the top Research & Development team in the industry who have developed a full line of products available for private label. Expand the power of your brand by selling products with your Company Name and logo.

catalog listing

Anti-Microbial Hand Soap
Alcohol-free hand sanitizer
Leather Solution
Premium Granite Countertop Rejuvenator
Premium Granite Countertop Rejuvenator Concentrate
Premium Furniture Polish
Mineral Oil – 100% Food Grade
Waterless Car Wash
Tub & Tile Solution
Natural Pet Odor & Stain Remover Solution
Leather Cream Protectant | Leather Cleaner
Fabric Protectant
Metal Polish
Red Wine Stain Remover
Dish Soap
Multi Surface Cleaner
Glass / Multisurface Cleaner with DI Water
Auto Nano Wax
Screen Cleaner – Clear, Apple Scent
Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Cooktop Cleaner
Multi Surface Floor Cleaner
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Garment Wrinkle Remover
Enzyme-based Odor Removing Laundry Detergent
Ink Stain Remover
Waterless Pet Shampoo
Hand Soap
Room Spray
Yoga Mat Cleaner/Restorer
Produce Wash
Unscented Produce Wash Formula
Hemp Miracle Relief Lotion
Hemp Body Wash
CBD Lotion
Spray Laundry
“Before You Go” Toilet Spray
Lavender & Rosemary Wrinkle Remover
Hand Sanitizer
Body Wash